Site Specific Engineering

Many shed suppliers will supply you with generic engineering which covers all areas with no consideration to terrain and shielding of the building. Site specific engineering ensures the building is designed for your area and location giving you peace of mind and assurance that the building you purchase is fit for purpose. Many local authorities around Australia will not accept engineering unless it is site specific.

Design Criteria to be Considered

The practice of site specific engineering goes beyond just looking at the labelled wind region for your town. It goes to the exact site on your property where the shed will be erected. Different sets of conditions have affect on wind speed at the site level.


The unique topography of your site may dictate your structure's exposure to different wind levels in different regions. To achieve a design suitable for your site, the physical position of your building must be considered in your project's design and engineering phases. In order to achieve a design that is site-specific, your shed supplier will need to know the exact address and placement of your building. 

Shielding & Terrain

The landscape of your property and the positioning of the building on your site are two key factors that can influence the engineering of your steel kit building. The position of the shed on the property will dictate its level of exposure to wind. For example if your shed is to be erected in a highly exposed site free from the protective influence of trees or nearby buildings, your design may need to follow a higher specification. 

Importance Level

A building's 'importance level' is used to categorise the severity of consequences in the event of a building failure. For example, an isolated storage shed on a rural property will have a lower importance level than a suburban garage on a residential property. 

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