Steel Workshops

If you need a completely enclosed farm shed, a large steel workshop featuring multiple bays can be created. Like all of our other shed layouts, steel workshops are completely flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. You nominate the number of bays you need, as well as the widths.

Need some wider than others? No problem. Need some with roller doors and some without? Easy! Our portal frame permits heights up to 9.5 metres and spans up to 30 metres. The length of your building is calculated by the number and widths of the bays.

Typically we design workshops that are fully enclosed, although we have the capability to include both open and closed bay layouts. With such designs, you can nominate where the open bays are situated.

Workshop Sheds

When you work with a local agent to design a workshop shed to suit your site, engineering will be based on criteria specific to your site. Wind region, any relevant snow loading, and site specific design criteria are all considered in our workshop sheds. The result is a building that is safe, will withstand the elements, and provide value for years to come. Providing even more confidence is our ShedSafe® certification.

Our workshops are made from superior Australian BlueScope steel and come with the leading brand’s structural warranty. Structural components are manufactured from cold formed GALVASPAN® steel. Cladding is available in a number of profiles in either ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel.

A wide range of optional extras also exist so you can get maximum value and function from your new workshop. Ventilation and insulation can increase comfort, a variety of doors, mezzanine levels and dividing walls are also available.

Add a dedicated work and storage shed to your property with a workshop from Steel Buildings Australia. Find your expert local agent to discuss your next steel building project.

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